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Netgear Arlo Pro 2 security camera can record in 1080p

A year after releasing the first Arlo Pro safety camera, Netgear comes with a different one. The recently announced Arlo Pro 2 is a minor upgrade that rounds out the camera with a few sorely missing attributes: the new model supports 1080p video catch (instead of simply 720p) and also supplies the capability to set alert zones, so it is possible to let the camera to ping you when, say, someone is walking on your yard but not when someone's walking in your own sidewalk. That attribute was supposed to start on the initial camera, but apparently never did.

Besides the upgraded camera, Netgear is also launching a new subscription plan and a number of accessories. If you don't pay anything, you are going to get the past seven days of documents -- only triggered when there's movement or sound -- saved for free by Netgear. Netgear has already offered subscription plans to extend that time limit, however it is offering an choice to extend how much you record, also: for $99 to $299 per year, it'll store 24/7 recordings from an Arlo camera for between 14 and 60 days.


The new camera works wired or off of a battery, and Netgear is also launching a $79.99 solar charger to keep the camera moving indefinitely. The camera is once more weather-proof, but Netgear says it is intended to be used inside or outside.

The Arlo Pro 2 will probably sell for about $219.99, that will be on the other hand for security cameras (it resembles the original will stay accessible for a lower price). That's not dramatically cheaper, but the cost adds up if you are planning to put in several of them around a home or business. Given the greater cost, Netgear must be banking on its own features and storage support being a better offering, and it's tough to say just from taking a look at the details that it's.