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Razer Phone Review: Great screen and awesome camera

Razer's first smartphone adheres to what the business knows best: gaming. And the gambling peripheral company designed a mobile that produces the focus on gaming quite easily evident. Having a 5.7-inch display featuring a 120hz refresh pace, Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB of RAM, 4,000mAh battery along with Dolby Atmos-powered front-facing speakers, the more Razer Phone includes, on paper, the necessary specs to pull off everything it set to perform.

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Google Pixel 2 XL Review: FEATURES and PERFORMANCE

Originating from a Samsung smart-phone famous for its high brilliant colours, the Pixel two XL's Oled (natural light display) screen looks more vibrant, but might be closer to neutral. There is an option to enable more vivid colours, however, the consequence seems minimal. Perhaps I am utilised to Samsung's displays, but the LG-made screen on the Pixel two XL just isn't quite as goodlooking and not as glowing.

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WhatsApp now allows users to delete messages sent by mistake

Sent the incorrect message to your friend by mistake? Popular messaging app WhatsApp today allows users to remedy that. The brand new feature pertains to everyone in the conversation group - provided the message has been erased within seven minutes prior to sending. Previously, consumers could delete a note however, the recipient will continue to be able to view it.

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Sony RX0 puts a 1-inch sensor into a rugged and ultra-compact body

At its IFA 20 17 press event, Sony established the RX0: a jolt and also water proof camera with very compact dimensions which uses a Sony 1" detector to capture still pictures and video. Although the RX0 appears very much as an action camera and comes with similar dimensions, Sony is not marketing it as such. The camera is rather aimed at video professionals and enthusiasts who want to take high profile footage from hard conditions and possibly use several cameras at precisely the exact same time.

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Intel unveils new family of AI chips to take on Nvidia’s GPUs

After the AI boom came a-knocking, Intel had not been planning to answer the telephone. Now, the company is trying to reassert its own power in the silicon business by unveiling a brand new family of chips made particularly for artificial intelligence: that the Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor household, or NNP for quick. The NNP household is meant as a response to the requirements of machine learning, and is destined to receive your own data center, not the PC. Intel's CPUs could still be a stalwart of host stacks (by some estimates, it's a 96 percent market share in data centers), however the workloads of contemporary AI are much better served with the graphical chips or GPUs coming from firms including Nvidia and ARM.

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